About Us

Today’s Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) is challenged by the fragmentation of information and metrics. Using the new MetaMarketing platform, a CMO finally has a single comprehensive view of all campaigns - offline and online – and the ability to have real-time financial optimisation of marketing campaigns.

The MetaMarketing platform for marketing campaign management creates much-needed visibility, reduces staff time by up to 20% and dramatically improves marketing’s bottom line through real-time financial optimisation – all in one system.

MetaMarketing was created by a team of marketers, software veterans and serial entrepreneurs who started, grew and sold marketing and technology companies, creating substantial value (>$100M) for shareholders.

Toon Deleeck , Co-founder and CEO

Timothy Thew , Co-founder and VP Business Development

Supratim Chowdhury , Co-founder and VP Software Development

William Seibel , Chairman, Advisory Board