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Centralise all your marketing information

Stop searching your emails for information about your campaigns and their results.

Campaign manager centralises all the information and numbers that are critical to you. Manage your marketing calendar, creative proofs, to-do list and communication from your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

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What are the Benefits ?

All the information in one place

Control your marketing spend

Quickly create campaign reports

No more lengthy email discussions

Keep track of your campaign progress

Plan your campaigns in advance

Access all your campaigns wherever you are

All the information in one place

Organise and save time

Organise all your campaign and related information in one place. No more looking into multiple spreadsheets or searching emails even after the person responsible has left the business!

Campaign manager is where you centralise all your marketing information from past, current and future initiatives.

Control your marketing spend

Manage your marketing budgets in a simple and efficient way, with one click, view how much has been spent and how much is leftover.

Individual access is given so you can control who sees which budget.

Quickly create campaign reports

Easily search your campaigns to generate insights or compare campaign results side by side.

Quickly setup and generate reports about the campaign status and its results or even view a slideshow.

No more lengthy email discussions

Include your team, clients and agencies in the discussion and forget about missed deadlines.

Discussions happen directly within the campaign manager where your teams can discuss the overall campaign or only comment on specific elements of it.

Keep track of your campaign progress

Quickly see the latest changes and stay on top of your campaign’s progress. The campaign manager makes progress tracking by campaign a seamless task.

Manage the campaign life-cycle and use the workflows to get copy and creative materials approved.

Plan your campaigns in advance

Switch to calendar view to see all your campaigns over time.

Drag and drop your initiatives and dates update automatically.

Access all your campaigns wherever you are

All your campaign data is stored in secure servers and can be accessed from anywhere over the internet.

You are always a few clicks away from your marketing campaigns whether you are at office, at home or on the move.



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* Free trial available only for a limited time and is limited to 1 user account (login) per customer.

Free trial includes

  • Unlimited number of campaigns
  • Customer support by email and phone
  • Data export service if you wish to discontinue

If you need a more customised solution or a free trial with more users, email us and we'll work out a customised plan for you.

Get started without any installation or training.

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